Monday, 21 January 2013

building abs .. what i do and eat

Hey guys

Ok so i didn't know whether you would be interested in an update on health and fitness..

First off I'm not trying to show off (well i guess i am, or i would not be willing to share) but everyone has been so supportive over any weight loss/health updates that i thought i would share.

here is a before and after image of my current weightloss.. compared to my previous size.

This is the first image i have taken of my stomach. It is now beginning to show abs, and am actually quite proud of them.
I NEVER set out to build abs i never in a katrillion years think i would ever buildup or tone my stomach, especially the bottom half where it is still a little flabby.

i have a few fat pockets and wrinkles due to the weight i used to be, bearing in mind i used to weigh just shy of 17 stone and size 22... so to go down to just over 9 stone and size 8-10 i never expected washboard tones abs!

You can see a little muscle in my arm on this photo, and again is something else i have been achieving. Maybe i should have taken an image of those as well to share.

The ONLY downside which is the major downside is that i have lost all boob and a little bum mass... which is rather depressing...but hey ho.

so what have i done to achieve this? well i did not intend to create one but now its there its kinda spurred me on to see if i can improve on it..

(i am NOT an expert in the slightest.. but this is my routine.. it may or may not work for you)

daily: (morning or evening or breaking up smaller bursts of fitness for morning and night)

150 stomach crunches (without weights) in two different methods
60 tow touches 
50 (each side) oblique v-up
50 half press ups (all in one go don't stop at the first feeling of pain continue on!!)
30-50 Russian twists without weights 

sometimes -
cycle crunches about 30-40
weight side bend

at the gym twice a week
15-20 min run on treadmill
the series of weights in gym for around 30-45 Min's

there is some other exercises i do in order to mix things up to stave off boredom etc ..
and this is the exercises i target my belly with (you need to tone up the whole body with other exercises as you cannot officially target parts of the body to improve as such)

diet is pretty much the same each week.. most of the time

weekday morning:
porridge with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, glass of fresh orange juice, sometimes a black coffee

snacks through out the day:
weighed bag of nuts and raisins (has dates prunes ..everything i love all this stuff!!)
hand full of grapes
hand full of naked popcorn
cheeky cake or something sweet??!!

salad (bag of salad)
raw mushroom
balsamic glaze

then stuff on side of salad can be pasta, or baked potato or what i usually have krisproll blue brie and a slice of parma ham utterly delicious i love it!

ANYTHING - whatever mum has cooked (preferably healthy as possible)

americano coffee with as many espresso shots as possible (venti 5 shot) white with sometimes a shot of sugar free vanilla syrup and cold skimmed milk (tiny dash)
pepsi maxx
WATER - i drink around 2-3 litres of water every weekday 

day off:
whatever is going i will eat.. EVERYTHING

eating out
Nandos fav
pizza express - salad only as im not a huge fan of pizza
yo sushi
marks spencer
anything salad or wholesome

I think this pretty much covers as much as i think i need to for now..
did you enjoy this post and have any comments?
i would love to hear from you guys!
thanks so much

Jen aka faerylight1


  1. You've done so well chick! It's amazing! Xx

  2. Hey huh thanks so much .. Your comments really appreciated x

  3. You look amazing. I'm pretty much at the same weight that you were when you started. Getting into diet and exercise. You're a real inspiration considering how far you have come!


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